Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Day

And nothing new
Life is good, if not slightly stagnant. No, stagnant is a word with big negative connotations... it's just a little bit boring is all. There are far worse things. I sleep (not ever quite enough), I work (yawn), I eat (probably too much) and I spend amazing time with Brad. I get to see friends occasionally, but we are all pretty busy. Now that Brad lives in Alvin I dont see him him as much, either. Sad. Soon, hopefully, we will be setting him up in an apartment close to my place.
Oh, I joined a gym last night. Nothing fancy, but its cheap and it has cardio machines which is all I want at this moment. And most of the machines have little TVs on them with cable! I watched an episode of Scrubs last night on the treadmill and didnt even know I had been walking 15 minutes!! Nice...
I will start a little muscle training later, but right now I just need to whip myself into shape- grow some discipline and lose a little weight.
I miss my buddy Jason. Tomorrow is his birthday, and I wish we were gonna go out drinking and playing pool. Oh well. I will call him. I keep trying to get him down to Htown for Wild West and Rocbar, but the sucker ain't got no time. POOP! I say he, Nick, James and Morgan come down for a walk-down-memory-lane-apalooza! Well, it wont happen, but it would be fun.
Brad is great, and I miss him. We are seeing a show this weekend and a Kevin Fowler concert, so it should be good times. Whee!!

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