Monday, August 6, 2007

Insomnia Cookies

And How to Get Them
This company is a stroke of pure genius entrepreneurship. Insomnia Cookies is a website where you can order cookies and have them fresh-baked and delivered to your home in about 30 minutes! They are a fairly new company. So far their main focus is college campuses (wheee), which makes sense, but you can also order them from Manhattan.
I want one here.
On their main page is a link that says "CLICK HERE FOR FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES". This simply sets up an email to send them. It takes them a short while to respond, but I want everyone who reads this (specifically those in Houston) to write them a quick letter, asking them to set one up down here. All of their current locations are North and North-East, so we could really open up their market. I'm thinking Brad could manage it, and we could find a few happy bakers and drivers - I'm in!
I read about these guys from this article about young entrepreneurs - inspiring, isn't it? It makes me want to start an online company, making and/or delivering something, you know?
We salute you, Seth Berkowitz, for your ingenious manipulation of the need for sugar at all hours!

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