Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exactly what I mean...

RE: Free Sex Education
Alright, read this article, and tell me it doesn't make you sick and/or sad.
THIS is exactly why we need 'sexual renegades' teaching free classes 'underground'; "Just 7.9 percent of parents discussed sexual matters with their daughters, she said, while 46 percent of parents said it was the responsibility of schools to provide sex education." Everyone is looking to make it someone else's responsibility! And did you notice that "79 percent of high school and university girls cited the Internet as their main source of information about sex" - women in college are completely clueless about sex other than the "teachings" of the Internet! I am just disgusted that such an essential topic could be so adamently ignored!
And, I'm sorry to pass such ruthless judgement on people I don't know, but if "46 percent of the more than 20,000 girls who called the city's pregnancy hot line", a.k.a. nearly 10,000 girls met their sex partners online, and several didn't even know their real names, maybe, just maybe, the problem isn't the web. Maybe the problem is that these girls are sluts. That may not be a fair assessment, but it certainly fits the bill. We are talking about 16-18 year olds mostly. Who is trying to prevent this?!? No one!
It just makes me sad. Seriously, I want to go all bohemian, live out of a van and make it my life's work to travel across the world teaching the masses about proper sexual health. Who is with me?

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