Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So much has happened:
Brad and I went to the Maxim/Bud Light Hook Up party last week - AWESOME!
Brad's birthday was Friday, June 22 and we went out to Pappas Steakhouse; unbelievably delish! Then we went to Drink Houston and got on the radio; Brad got to do his Borat voice on 104.1 KRBE (which is probably b/c Carson thought I was totally cute, which I am...)
I helped Rachel choreograph a few songs for Little Shop of Horrors on Sunday. It was really fun, except now my shoulder is really sore. I didn't stretch properly (for shame!) before the "air guitar"... foolish, rookie mistake!
The Astros finally beat the Rangers (1 out of 3) and Hunter Pence still has my devoted fandom. Swing for the fence, Pence!
Biggio is moments away from the big 3000, and I think he may actually get to hit it in H-town! Shenoa might even be at that game.
This Saturday Brad and I (and possibly lots of friends) are going to the racetracks to see Merle Haggard (there is no way I spelled that right). It should be...... interesting.
Oh, and it was Krusty the Clown, with the Extend-O Glove in Krusty-Lu Studios!

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