Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What Irks Me
Allow me to be political for a moment:
President Bush vetoed (or will) a bill referring to stem cell research. The Democrats are having a field day about how unfair it is, especially Nancy Pelosi. She actually issued this statement to the public:
"By vetoing a bill that expands stem cell research, the president will say 'no' to the more than 70 percent of Americans who support it, 'no' to our Democratic Congress' fight for progress, and 'no' to saving lives and to potential cures for diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson's," Pelosi wrote. "He will say 'no' to hope."
She accuses him of ignoring a "fight for progress" and actively avoiding "saving lives". This is immature and unitelligent. It goes beyond mud-slinging into silly, playground name-calling! Yes, that's it Nancy, the President does not want people to get better, he wants all sick people to die. What a ridiculous arguement! ESPECIALLY when you consider the statement made explaining Bush's position on ste cell research:
"The president supports and encourages stem cell research, including using embryonic lines, as long as it does not involve creating, harming or destroying embryos," Fratto said. "That is an ethical line that should not be crossed."
Bush supports using stem cells to cure diseases and aid in recovery. He simply will not ethically stand by the baby-killing part of it. What a creep, huh? You can use embryonic stem cells without a dead baby - there are tons in the placenta and umbilical cord. Also, there are non-embryonic ways to harvest them. So Bush says 'Have at it, just don't murder any children'.
Yeah, what a jerk...

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