Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Or a Lack Thereof
Thanks to my A.D.D. I have never really been able to establish patterns. Most people, after a certain young age, learn a set of procedures they do, in roughly the same order, every morning. This never stuck with me. I still forget basic, obvious things. The reason my room is generally dirty is because I let little things slip, and they pile up. Quite literally. Sometimes, I will be sitting on my bed reading, thinking, "Man I really need to clean up", or "Man, I really need to do laundry", and I just SIT THERE thinking about how it needs to get done. Part of this, of course, is a matter of discipline. Most of it, even. But there is a small link or something missing from my brain.
However, I am pleased to announce, I have started to fight back. Once you win enough little battles, it becomes easier to convince yourself "you can". For the past three weeks or so, my room has remained clean. I mean looks-like-I-just-cleaned-it clean. I make my bed every morning. I have NEVER consistently made my bed. Sometimes when I am changing, I throw clothes on the ground. But now, if I do that, I immediately pick it back up and put it in my clothes hamper - in the correct compartment! That's right - darks, lights and dry clean/hand wash. Plus, another thing I could never get the hang of; I now lay out my next-day-clothes every night! Well, every night I am working the next day, and usually for church.
These probably sound like little things to most people, but this is monumental for me. For example, my last blog about saving money - that is huge. For roughly a year now I have put money away every month, every paycheck even. It is so liberating to finally feel like I do truly have control over things in my life. The downside is I now feel doubly responsible, but it would probably be a good step for me to stop "blaming things" on my A.D.D.
For the last three consecutive nights, I have done a little workout right before I go to bed. It isn't the most incredible workout, but the point is I do it every night (so far). Pushups, crunches, lifts, a little in-place jogging; just a touch of the important stuff.
I am so excited to reach this point, and I hope it only goes up from here. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers.

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