Friday, June 22, 2007

Death Trap 2

Formerly known as the Hellevator
Eleven days ago I wrote a blog about roller coasters and why I do not ride them.
Allow me to remind you.
I found this headline on my webpage this morning: "Girl's Feet Severed At Ky. Amusement Park". As you can imagine I was concerned and terrified. These people were riding one of those "Tower of Terror" types of rides where you rise and fall at alarming rates and more alarming heights. Well, something malfunctioned (SHOCK) and it came crashing to the ground. One young woman had her feet severed at the ankle. Just gone. And she was in such shock she wasn't crying or screaming, just looking at her ankles thinking, "Something about this is not right..." Other people on the scene, however, had the panicking (sp?) covered.
So in case anyone ever wanted to ask me to join them on a roller coaster, "I'm good."

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