Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Wreck

I was in a pretty messy single-car accident yesterday. I had gone to work as normal, but I had to go back home. I hadn't even been on the Beltway one minute when I had to swerve, breaking my tire rod (?) which caused me to spin out of control. I hit the median wall pretty hard, but thankfully it was with a corner and not head on. My car is totaled. I have some scrapes and bruises and at least one minor burn (from the airbag), but I am miraculously well for the condition of the car. God sent at least one angel to call the police for me, keep me calm and wait with me until they got there. One HUGE blessing is that I have GAP insurance on this car; even though the insurance won't pay me the full of what I owe on the car, the GAP insurance fills in the rest. My loan will be completely taken care of. I will be starting at zero with the new car; no down payment, but at least I won't be upside-down!
Please pray for guidance (and healing) as we go through this process.
Pray for thanks that I received such minimal injuries.

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