Friday, May 16, 2008

My English Boss, in many ways, a f***wit. It is not entirely his fault, of course, because of the culture difference. When they decided to transfer him over here for a while SOMEONE should have explained how "we do things over here". I am adding up a list of tiny grievances - insignificant issues that are adding up like baby bunnies.

In fact, this anger will create my first ever PostSecret.

My mother has worked for this company for 11 years, and she has NEVER had a boss who did not celebrate Administrative Assistant Day. Even the ones WHO. WERE. ENGLISH!! Neither of us got so much as a "Thanks" from him. And a week later we went to lunch (to what turned out to be a very expensive restaurant) expecting him to pay. Nope; I paid $36 for lunch. Even before we had plans with him, my mother was going to buy my lunch somewhere else, so I had two chances at free lunch, but she couldn't afford to pay for both of us at a place like that! If we had known we are paying we would have walked out.

He is not a rude guy - nothing like it - he is simply CLUELESS. That is almost worse.

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