Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad Employee

Stupid Re-Imaging!!
For a week now, or so, I have dealt with this new computer...crap. I understand exactly why certain things are blocked (like Facebook and MySpace) but Jeezy Creezy I am b.o.r.e.d... You may have noticed an increase in blog entries lately... now you know why.
I spent a good deal of my Monday eagerly awaiting DC's LOST recap. He always posts them the Monday after an episode, and it STILL is not up on Pajiba!! Boo...
There was a new House last night. It was good, but not as good as some others. Plus I took some Tylenol PM when it started, so I missed a few things towards the end. That falling asleep feeling, when you are kind of floating in your own body, is sooooo tranquil. Unless you are in the driver's seat of a car. Then it is terrifying. Pull over and take a nap, people; you are endangering lives!
I went back and read several older blogs this morning. Man, I am the queen of randomness sometimes. But oh well, this is better than yammering on the phone all day to one poor person who has to pretend to be interested; at least this way no one HAS to listen/read...
I found a fun blogger who writes recaps of Step It Up and Dance. The recaps are funny, but he writes from a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery gay perspective, so if you can't get behind that humor, don't bother with the link. He doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of Nick, but I get the feeling most people find him unremarkable right now. He isn't generally disliked, he just hasn't gotten to show off yet, you know? C'mon Nick, show'em that H-town sparkle!
I want a nap. And a new job; one that interests me and doesn't just pay the bills. Wah.

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