Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alex finally catches a break!

Paul Gordon's romantic musical, Emma, seen in a 2007 world premiere by TheatreWorks in California, will have a fall 2008 co-production by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.

And Alex Organ will play Robert Martin, the well-to-do farmer who has eyes and heart for Harriet!

The same person who wrote the score, book and lyrics for Jane Eyre has written for Emma, which means it will be haunting and breath-taking. And the costumes from that era certainly fit his body type. He will fit right in, and hopefully stand out to reviewers as the "why haven't we scene this kid on Broadway" actor.
How exciting to be involved in a new, and likely to be successful, project like this one! we are all so proud, Bro, and wish you many broken legs!

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