Thursday, May 17, 2007


Summer is kind of relative.
OK, summer is not really relative; it happens, it exists. But when you are no longer a student, summer is just more days you work. They just get hotter.
My friends who are in school, or just finished, get a summer vacation. Even if they spend the whole thing working, or looking for a job. The best I can hope for is a few weekend trips to "the beach" in Galveston. People assure me that in other parts of the world, water is blue. I think they are full of hooey. What is hooey anyway? Ask an old person...
Not that I am complaining about the days ahead. I will have a great time. My boyfriend's complex has a beautiful pool. There are several Astros games in my future. I may even get to do some theatre. So summer will be good, even if it isn't really summer.
Or something like that...

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