Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Auditions Galore
Tomorrow night, Thursday, I am going to an audition with Lacy. I haven't seen her in ages, so this should be wonderful! We are going to have dinner in the Village, audition, then maybe sangria til we cain't no more! Who knows? I DO have to work on Friday (blech), so I may limit the drinks. I think Brad is going to go to an Astros game. I just hope he doesn't sit next to some cute and lonely bombshell who wants to know all about sports. I could always make him wear a sandwich board with my face on it...hmm...
So this play we are auditionig for is called BIRTH. It is set up like the Vagina Monologues; lots of in-depth (haha, horrible pun) stories and experiences of labor. It might be too weird for me, but I will only know if I try, right? Plus, Lacy can be earthy, so I figure between the two of us we got this.
Oh, and get this... they perform it every year on Labor Day. Is that clever or what?

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