Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tyranny of Fangirls

I fall into an interesting demographic (in my opinion), because I am an educated woman in my mid-twenties who enjoyed reading the Twilight series. I am certainly not alone, but we are an admittedly outnumbered group. Mind you, I did not say they were good books, and I think it is a bit snotty to refer to them as 'literature', even though I suppose they are in fact.

I consider myself to be a Harry Potter fangirl, so I can appreciate the nickname, but the craziness that is often attached is beyond me. Especially the craziness over Robert Pattinson. OK, so he has moments of charm, and is very occasionally handsome, but there really is nothing special about him. Mostly it goes over my head because the character of Edward, to which RobPatt owes his following, is in no way appealing to me.

So it is with a slightly shameful smirk that I report that he was clipped by a taxi in Manhattan while running to escape from tween fangirls! The good, Christian woman I aim to be is shaking her head at my glee, but it made me laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of our society and their priorities!

At least if he had to go to the hospital, they might bathe him...

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