Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nude with Neil Patrick Harris

So, I have your attention? Well, the headline is actually a legitamite representation of the topic for this blog.

If you live in or anywhere near Philadelphia and are willign to be nude on camera, GOOD NEWS!

"An e-mail from Mike Lemon Casting, forwarded ... by a local actor, says the background talent will be portraying "NUDE people in a sex club, dancing and 'hanging out.' There will be NO simulated sex of any kind. Talent will need to be comfortable with being NUDE." The work will be done next week."

Apparently NPH is in a flick called The Best and the Brightest, and it is filming soon in Philly. And requires much nakedness. For about $140 a day. Come on, people... NPH!!

If you are interested, and you know you are, here is the info for casting:

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