Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Days


Try and imagine just how useless I will be at work today! I am setting up my travel binder; I found this adorable "stationary" on that I'm taking. They have journal pages so you can keep track of each day. Wow, I am such a complete and total nerd. I just want this to be perfect. This is technically our "replacement Honeymoon", because Brad was so sick during our original trip that we made almost no memories (other than freezing my butt off trying to find a store with Tylenol Cold and Sinus). I am treating this like THE honeymoon, so want memories galore. I want our kids to look back at this album as well as our wedding album (no time soon - don't get ahead of yourselves).
Wish us luck. OH, and while I'm thinking about it, my friends from school, Lindsay and Ryan, are getting married tomorrow, so they will be honeymooning simultaneously. Congrats and best wishes to the new Massies!

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