Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have these ads on my blog (and if you click on them, I get money!...so...you know...click them please). They form connections to something they find in my blog entries. I recently wrote about my experience with puppets at work, so I have seen several puppet related links. This morning, the link at the bottom of the page (when I checked) just said MARIONETTES.

Not acceptable.

I can handle puppets, generally, but marionettes freak me the fruit OUT! They are unnatural and created by Satan and his evil gypsy women. Have you ever seen "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"; it was on Nickalodeon (sp?) when I was a kid. There was a cree-ee-eepy episode where this evil gypsy woman would con kids into her evil gypsy cart and turn them into tiny, wooden puppets, whose faces were stuck in a perpetual scream of horror.

Again, not acceptable.


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