Monday, August 18, 2008

Harry Potter Sadness

I am truly disappointed. This is my first blog entry since our trip to Walt Disney World, so it should be all about our amazing vacation. However, I must instead write about the travesty that is Warner Brothers decision-making!

For quite some time I have been counting down the days until the sixth Harry Potter movie comes out, which was slated for November 21st. This is exactly one week after my birthday, and right around Thanksgiving, so my family has been looking forward to the outing. But now WB has decided to change the release date to JULY 17TH, 2009! Summer of two-thousand-effing-nine! And they aren't behind schedule; "The picture is completely, absolutely, 100 percent on schedule, on time. There were no delays," Horn told The Associated Press. "I've seen the movie. It is fabulous. We would have been perfectly able to have it out in November." SO basically these guys have made it perfectly clear that they are doing this solely for profit pushing; they are choosing that weekend because it is the same weekend that boasted such successes as "The Dark Knight" and "Titanic". AS IF THEY NEED HELP GETTING BUTTS IN THE SEATS!!! ITS THE SIXTH HARRY POTTER MOVIE!!! I am so disappointed, but its not as if I can boycott it; I must see it!

Argh! Check out the article for yourself if you care. Sigh...

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