Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hordes of Angry Nerds

Also known as Dumbledore's Army

Just in case anyone is underestimating the anger and betrayal felt by Harry Potter fans everywhere, please observe:

There are a lot of angry nerds right, including me. I don't know if we will get the movie moved back, but we will make waves. There is a website dedicated to sending Howlers to WB. Hundreds of people have already agreed to boycott the movie on opening weekend if they keep the July date. After waiting 8 months, we can wait another week (or sneak in after buying a ticket to something else, for some). It's not like the books, where you have to read right away to avoid spoilers. But speaking of spoilers, lets discuss how WB is spoiling other businesses:

The Half Blood Prince video game is slated for release in early November. Now EA is in a lose-lose situation. Either they release the game on time with less enthused buyers and experience a devastating drop in predicted profit, or they hold the game for later release and consider the ads and propaganda thus far as a complete loss. Also, what if the game includes spoilers for the movie?

Bookstores (and I'm including all major book sellers, so this also means Wal-Mart and target) have made considerable advance orders for Harry Potter merchandise to have in-store during the months surrounding the movie release, i.e. Christmas season. These stores will have to eat considerable losses.

One of the points that makes me so angry si the attitude of the execs at WB. They are pretending that this action is in the best interest of the viewers! They believe that this is an improvement because now viewers will not have as long of a wait between the sixth movie and the first installment of the seventh movie. ARGH! Dont get me started on the seventh movie; I love that they are doing two movies, because we will get more action. You really cant cut anything out of HP7. BUT we will have to wait six months between part 1 and part 2!!

My point is this: Dont. Piss off. Potter fans. Our name is legion.

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