Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Banana Hammock

Just Because Its Funny

No really, this blog has nothing to do with banana hammocks, it just makes me laugh...

Anyway, I am having a good week so far. I had a great weekend with Brad, played dominoes, got to hang out with Kelly, etc. Last night Kelly and I went shopping with my 17 yr old cousin, which was lots of fun. I bought a cute new purse and I found some shoes to wear with my Betsey to the wedding! My dress looks just like this pic, except it is navy blue with a copper silk underneath. I found the cutest bronze/copper colored shoes! Thanks to Kelly and Cori for helping me find them.
Brad and I are taking a short trip for the holiday weekend, and it will be so nice to get away! We are always at my folks house or his folks house, and while our parents' are great, we definitely need a little time away.
My good friend Lauren Gragert has deserted me for greener pastures in Ft Worth. I miss her, but she seems excited about her new jobs and roommates. She is going to send me pics soon, and I am mucho excited! Check out her blog. Please pray for her as she starts a new life.

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