Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly "Loving" List: 38

Wow... 38 freaking weeks. That's just... sheesh...

Week 38: I'm Loving...

*that the baby is FINALLY starting to drop! HALLELUJAHS! HALLELUJAHS! Maybe now my heartburn will subside and I won't get kicked in the ribs. Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?

*shopping. I've gone a bit crazy, I must admit. We were blessed with SO many gift cards, and I've finally let it all go. Just in the past two days I've bought a car seat, and extra car seat base, a video monitor, a hamper, a waterproof crib sheet protector and a nursing tank. Seriously, I am on a roll. As soon as I hear back from an Etsy seller I'm buying a baby sling. I sure hope it can ship quickly!

*my fitness ball. I love sitting on these things, so ergonomic. Especially now while I'm trying to encourage the baby to drop, it is the best. I try to spend at least 15 minutes on it every night, just rolling and bouncing. Plus, once baby is here it will help me lose weight, assuming I use it to, you know, work out.

*television. I've been watching lots of my shows on Netflix and DVR in the evenings while I unwind from the day, and now I can catch up on Misfits as well (thanks Simon!), because I have this feeling I won't get to do that too much once I've got a sleepy baby. We shall see... headphones?

*sick days. I have had a sinus infection this week, which is miserable, but I've been able to take a few days to catch up on rest, which makes such a huge difference. That and vitamins...

*nesting. I definitely need to get hit by the urge to super-clean, but I've spent some time every night this week organizing the nursery, plotting shopping trips, fixing up the house in one way or another. The rug is rolled out, which makes a big diff, and now I just have to hang up artwork. here's to the weekend!

*maternity photos! We haven't seen them all, but Ellenzilla posted about 10 onto Facebook, so we have a good idea. I cannot wait to see the rest, they look so wonderful!

That's what I've got for now, friends. What blessings have you had this week?

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