Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly "Loving" List: 36

We're getting closer, friends! I'm betting I make it all the way to (or past) my due date; this kid is riding high! Trust me, his feet are in my ribs...

Week 36: I'm Loving...

~maternity shoots. I have been excited about taking those photographs since I found out I was pregnant. What can I say, I love having my picture taken by professionals who edit! it is one of the few times pictures agree with my mirror. We had our shoot with Ellenzilla on Thursday (last week was rained out) at the Mercer Arboretum and Garden. So much fun, and I cannot wait to see the results!

~sleep. I'm doing my best to enjoy it while I can, haha. I wake up a bit during the night, of course, but I don't have much trouble falling back asleep (knock on wood).

~our "guest book". The tree canvas that Erin made is so beautiful, even with only a handful of prints on it so far. This weekend it will EXPLODE with new prints, and I can't wait to see how beautiful it looks. It will make an amazing accent piece in the finished nursery, serving as a visual reminder of the huge family of blessing we have looking out for our child.

~my TeeFury shirt. Last year I bought two mystery shirts on TeeFury, and I have to say I got really random results. One shirt references some video game I don't play, so I've never even worn it, and the other one is Smoky Bear lighting a forest on fire. On top of that, I got them DURING the horrendous fires in Magnolia, so I couldn't wear it out of the house. The twist is it is the most comfortable thing I've worn maybe ever. It makes for the best around-the-house shirt or sleep shirt. Too cozy for words.

I bet there are more, but I'm swamped at work and having trouble focusing (can you tell?) so the list is short this week. See you next week!

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