Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly "Loving" List: 37

Whew, I am exhausted lately! It doesn't help that my nose is a bit stuffy, so I have to sleep with my mouth open to breath, resulting in very sore throat the next morning. But enough complaining, this is about the good things in life!

Week 37: I'm Loving...

*hot tea. I think I've mentioned this one before, but between cold, drizzly days and sore throats, hot tea is a constant source of "Ahh" in a topsy-turvy world.

*birth class. We had our class last weekend and it was surprisingly fun. I have GOT to get one of those exercise balls for the house (and then find a way to keep it safe from cats...). The picture is from class; Brad got to be pregnant while I hepled him through a contraction. The teacher got a sneaky pic.

*days off. I have Thursday off until the baby comes, thanks ot appointments, so I get to have a sleep-in day during the week. It is much needed. Plus, it is Brad's day off, so we get to spend the day together.

*friends. I've gotten lots of encouragement and support from friends, and it makes a big difference. Knowing we have a huge support team takes a bit of the weight off our shoulders.

*Pinterest. This is seriously like crack for those of us with A.D.D.

*prayer. It should go without explanation, but I just have to say that no matter what worry or fear I feel, I find great comfort in laying it at God's feet. Sometimes I just chat with God, just ramble in my car, and it always leaves me feeling lighter (metaphorically of course, I'm getting quite hefty).

*lemon water. I always feel refreshed after gulping down a bottle of lemon water, and I know it helps with my swollen feet.

*free food. I got lots of free lunches this week, thanks ot work activities. I'm heading off to one now, actually!

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