Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly "Loving" List: 35

Somehow I have already skipped a week of my Loving List - surprise! I'm still me, but now my A.D.D. has "baby brain" added to it. Let's begin!

Week 35: I'm Loving...

-decorating a nursery. I'm having so much fun, and now we have one shower under our wing we have even more fun things and essentials. I still need to clean out the closet from when that room was our things-that-have-no-home room, and then I'll be basically done except for the last few big items we need (glider, rug, side table, etc).

-compliments. I have been so vain this week! I finally posted bump pics online (at 34 weeks, those were really the first ones I'd even taken), and I'm loving the response. I feel good about this body, and I really haven't gained much weight outside of the tummy, but it still feels good to hear it from others.

-planning our maternity shoot. Speaking of vanity, we have our professional maternity session tomorrow, so I've become obsessed with clothes - what to wear?!? I am over the moon excited about the shots; we're going to the Houston Arboretum, which will be simply gorgeous, and I have such faith in Ellenzilla and her skills. Wish us luck!

-snacks. I have always been a grazer, so I keep fruit and nuts and such at my desk at work. As long as I always have access to a snack, I'm a happy girl. Still wish I could go through a whole jar of pickles in one sitting, but the sodium might kill my hippo feet. ;-)

-Tylenol. Does this need explaining?

-Pinterest. I waste spend SO much time on there, sometimes finding cute ideas I might actually implement, usually just surfing for fun/cute stuff.

-argyle. I'm falling head over heels for argyle baby clothes, and even for Brad. I just love this print and I'm glad the relaxed preppy look is so "in" now, because I can find it everywhere!

Those are the things to come to my mind this week. I'm sure I'll think of more. What new things will I add next week?

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