Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The Astros won the game last Tuesday; won it like a bunch of awesome! It really was a great game. We got free green caps AND free tote bags. Brad doesn't want a man purse so I got tons of shwag.

I have been in a LOST-related shock for several days. Last week's episode was so hardcore that I was shaking afterwards, at which point I watched Step It Up and Dance. They were doing STOMP, so I only became further riled. I recognize, btw, that this show is horrible. Really, it is bad, BUT I will continue to watch it in support of Nick. I hope they do something he can show off at soon...

If you, too, are a fan (or obsessee) of LOST then I recommend you read the review/recap posted by Dan Carlson weekly. LOST airs on Thursday, the article usually goes up Monday. To be honest, my favorite part is the comments left by fanatics; you hear amazing and ridiculous theories!

My buddy David is riding in one of those crazy-long bike rides to raise money and awareness for MS. I am so proud of him; I talk a big game about changing the world in little ways, but I don't do anything like that! I really should, too, because not only is he raising money but he is in great shape. Its OK, though. He is going to teach me to break dance. It might not change the world but I might finally develop some upper body strength!

Kelly had a very successful interview for a job the other day (fingers crossed and prayers loud) so we are awaiting results. Go Kelly!!

Work has been pretty stressful lately. My boss keeps trying to give me more responsibilities. On the one hand I am flattered that he thinks I can handle it and appreciative that he is trying to make me indispensable to the company. On the other hand, STOP! My brain is overflowing with stuff I didn't entirely understand in the first place! I need Adderoll, but my stupid old-fashioned doctor doesnt seem to believe in it (am I not a poster-child?!?) He has me taking B-12 shots, which I do think has helped but not much. BOOO!

Its only 8am and I already have a stack of things to do, so I'm gonna go now.

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