Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly "Loving" List

I am inspired to create a weekly list of the things I'm loving, as seen on Just Bella. She has a two month old baby, and it seems she has been making these lists since (at least) her pregnancy. Starting these lists at 33 weeks is a bit ambitious, because things get less fun and more uncomfortable towards the end, but hey, I'm an optimist!

Week 33: I'm Loving...

*cooking. Seriously, I haven't bothered to cook in ages, between fatigue and not wanting to stand once I'm home, but this week I've made two delicious homemade meals; I forgot how satisfying it is! It fills me with pride and a sense of usefulness (something I've been missing). Plus I love being able to provide home-cooked meals for Brad when he gets home; the poor dear has been eating lots of Whataburger, and neither of us like that habit.

*our developing nursery. I promise, I will borrow a camera if I have to and I will post some pics soon. We put up the crib with the gorgeous bedding, and it feels like a nursery! Now to start on wall art projects, namely the name plate. David and Erin are making me a tree canvas to use as a guest book at showers (thumbprint style), and it will go on the wall eventually as well. So excited!

*Earl Grey, hot. This is nothing new, of course, but oh man. Not only is it delicious and warming, it is aroma therapeutic! I steep a weak cup in the mornings and then keep the tea bag at my desk to steep again after lunch. The scent it gives off absolutely raises my spirits.

*getting kicked. Most of the time it is fun or funny how much this little guy moves around. I've got a journal where I keep track of all of the metaphors I've used for the feeling. My favorites include "popcorn popping in my uterus" and "a cartoon octopus playing the drums".

*foot rubs. Brad gets home too late most nights to do it, but when he's home he is usually amenable to helping me out with swollen feet and ankles. He is such a blessing.

*warm, LUSH-scented baths. I've probably seen the last of these until after baby, unless I do it on a night when Brad is there to hoist me out of the tub, but relaxing in warm water that smells of apple and bergamot really chases the blues away.

That ought to do it for now. What are you loving right now?

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