Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nursery Board

I have been fiddling around with Microsoft Publishing and I decided to build a nursery board, highlighting many of the features we're using for Hunter's room. And so I present to you, THE BOARD:
WHEE! How fun is it?!? OK, piece by piece, let's break it down starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise and then inward:

Somerset Crib: Graco from Target
Nightlight and switch plate: Woolrich Woodlands from Target
Bedding: Skip Hop from Target
Name Branch: I found this one on Pinterest, but we're creating one by mod-podging paper onto some wooden letters we bought at Hobby Lobby and hanging them from a branch.
Alphabet Graphic Print: Grace Hester Designs on Etsy
Changing Pad covers: One is Skip Hop (Target) and the other is Kid's Line (Babies'R'Us)
Glider: Delta at Target
Thumb Print Tree: This one is from Pinterest, but I'm having one made by my good and very creative friends David and Erin.
Playset: Skip Hop (Target)
Rug: Mohawk (Target)
Light fixture: This one is from 320 Sycamore, but I have one at home to DIY.
Fox print: Lulufroot on Etsy

Whew! We've got the crib and bedding set up, and I have the makings of many of the other things already. I figure we'll end up getting the rug with gift cards towards the last minute, but we'll see. If I could find the fabric swatch we're using for the pelmet box online, I'd add it. Once things are a bit more complete I'll post some photos.

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