Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Review: LUSH Bath Bombs

I felt inspired to write this based on some recent experiences. Enjoy!

So my dear friends Grags convinced me a while back to try a LUSH Bath Bomb, specifically one called Dragon's Egg. She said it was like have beautifully painted fireworks in your bath water. That intrigued me (and slightly confused me) so I gave it a try. She was not kidding! I put it in the water before I got in just to see this impressive show of color, and no lie the surface of the water looked like those fun "marbling" projects you make as a kid! Orange and pink shimmering swirls covered the water's surface, and the room filled with aromas of citrus. I would highly recommend this product, though it is invigorating, so it isn't ideal for hot-bath-before-bed. It makes a great Saturday mid-morning soak before a long, fun day.

Recently I went back to find another one. I take at least one soaking, relaxing bath a week now thanks to sore muscles from pregnancy. I found one called So White that caught my eye/nose because it had bergamot (that wonderful citrus smell in Earl Grey tea) in it. The combined smells leave an apple scent on the nose, and I knew it was for me. It lasts a long time in the bath, giving the water a soft, almost milky feeling and leaving the most tantalizing, inviting smell on your skin for hours. My husband couldn't go five minutes without commenting on how wonderful I smelled! I cannot recommend this one enough. Seriously, I wish I had a big basket of them at home (I suspect it is seasonal, so I may have to stock up)!

I went back a week later to get another So White and the saleswoman convinced me to also purchase a Cinders bomb, based on the idea that using it with the So White would leave me and the room smelling like apple cider, which I love. Once I got home, though, I decided to use them separately, so I could get two baths out of them (more bang for the buck). I used the Cinders alone last night, and I have to say it was a big disappointment. The ball disappears almost instantly, left behind almost no aroma and didn't make my skin feel different/better. The only neat thing about it, and it's small, is that it includes fizzing candy (imagine Pop Rocks) so the water kind of crackles a bit. It is supposed to remind you of a roaring fire, but the effect is pretty small. Perhaps if you used two or three of them in one bath it would be lots of fun, but I'd rather save the money and buy one I know I love.

The moral of this story: go buy me So White bath bombs. Run, don't walk. ;-)

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