Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorite Things Party

I found the cutest Girls Night Out/In idea over on Pizzarie this morning! When I saw the title "A Favorite Things Party", I immediately thought of Oprah, which left me wondering just how budget friendly this is. Each guest commits about $30 for the gifting, and the party would be best with food and/or wine, so it isn't the cheapest night out. It would, however, make a great "Secret Santa" replacement for a group of girl friends and, by that measurement, would be cheaper. Let's take a look!

Each woman picks out five of her favorite can't-live-without-it items (ideally for $6 or less each) to share with the guests. then, through a system of name drawing, they explain each item and what makes it so wonderful, and then they give it to the winner! Check out the link and have a look; it sounds really fun!

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