Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 15

I'm almost done with 15 weeks of being preggo. I have to say, so far the second trimester is my favorite. I still don't feel great all of the time, but it is more headache/dizziness and less... tumultuous tummy.

By the way, my mother-in-law has informed me that "men have bellies, mommies have tummies". I thought that was really cute, but if I'm honest, I'll cal it whatever-I-damn-well-please-thank-you-very-much. *^_^*

I'm only just starting to feel like I have a "bump", and it isn't obvious unless I'm wearing something fitted or if my tummy is bare. Every night when I get into pajamas I just kind of stand in front of the mirror, hold my tummy and just stare for a bit. Brad loves it.

My I just take a moment, by the way, to brag about my incredible husband? I don't know that I've ever known a more *thoughtful* man. I am truly blessed to have him and to be his.

I'm taking half a day of work off today to go shopping with the MIL and with Vicki (who still doesn't know because we have had trouble getting a hold of her). We'll lunch and then shop in Pearland; I never really spend time down there, but that main intersection at Mccard has so much STUFF, I'm sure we will keep plenty occupied. ; )

This week at work has been very stressful, and I imagine next week will be as well, though with (hopefully) less late hours. Fingers crossed, prayers said.

That's it for week 15! Next week we have our next 4-week appointment, and then in October we find out the sex! Truly random sidebar: I really prefer to say gender for a numbe rof reasons, but *technically* what we're finding out is the sex. Gender apparently has more to do with the developed understanding of self... or something. I'm still going to call the upcoming shindig a Gender Reveal Party, because inviting your folks to a Sex Party just sounds wrong.


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