Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Updates on Life

Wow, I really haven't updated in a while. And what an interesting last post date. Let me try and catch you up.

July 9th we were in Alvin with Brad's family for his uncle's memorial service. This was Alan's sister's husband, whom I had never met and who had been sick a long time. It was a sad event, but tempered by relief at his peace. However, while we were all together, we found out that Alan's brother, Rick, died in New Orleans. It was rather shocking (to most of us), and put an odd air over the day. Thankfully, at least we were all there together to comfort one another.

July 10th Rick's granddaughter was born to Eddie, Rick's son that runs a restaurant outside NOLA.

July 10th is also when we found out I was pregnant.

Weird. Weekend.

So now there's a person growing in my uterus. I'm in the middle of week 13, if I have finally figured out the correct way to measure that stuff. Honestly, it confuses me more than is logical.

Lots of prayer requests on my mind lately, as well.
**My uncle Dennis (dad's brother) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. They caught it really early, and it isn't a "bad case", so most are really optimistic, though frightened.
**My friend Celynda is having thyroid surgery in the next few weeks. She's kinda bummed and kinda scared, so I hope she reaches some peace.
**GRAGS IS ENGAGED!!! She is getting married in March, I believe, which breaks my selfish heart because that's when I'm due so I can't gallivant to Dallas. She wasn't able to make it my wedding, either, so I'm super sad, as is Brad. But life goes on, and that day isn't really about us anyway...

That should be a pretty efficient, though brief, catch up. Wish me luck (AND PRAY FOR US) as baby (and mommy) grows. Yea, panel pants!

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