Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dwell with Dignity

I don't spend nearly enough (read: almost any) time working with charities and other helpful organizations. Even my activities at church are fairly limited. I would like to believe that if we had a Dwell with Dignity in Houston, I would spend some time there. At the very least I would donate some furniture to those with greater vision and stick-to-it-iveness.

(From their website)
"Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of Interior Designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. We provide and install home interiors for families that include furnishings and art, bedding and kitchen supplies, and food in the pantry. Our mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design. One household at a time."

How cool is that? Some people might think of it as fluff, "decorating someones home to make them feel better", but they do so much more. They provide homes, not just shelter. They give people pride and a sense of worth in what they have. They create an atmosphere of safety for those who might not have had it in a long time, or possibly ever.

You can help! Of course they need people to underwrite donations for home goods, but they also need your stuff. You can contact them with descriptions and photos of any furniture and they decide whether nor not they can put it to good use. Repurposing is a large part of their process, as it teaches responsibility in ownership. Also, if you live in/near the Dallas area, they always need volunteers, "everything from refurbishing furniture and making art to putting fundraisers together and writing grants."

If nothing else, check out their projects, the amazing before and afters. They are very inspiring.

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