Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY Gifting: Tulle Circles

I found this idea over on Dollar Store Crafts (don't hate), and I love it. My first thought was to make tea bags from your favorite loose teas. I have a diffuser, but the holes are too big so I always get tea leaves floating in there. No thank you. So I have gift one in mind for this year!

Our local dollar store has a bridal section with plastic champagne flutes, paper decorations, invitations and thank you notes. I also found these pretty white pre-cut tulle circles. Tulle is that white netting they use for bridal veils and ballerina tutus. It's often cut into circles for making birdseed bundles to toss at the bride and groom as they leave a wedding reception. I picked up a package of these little babies and ran home to whip up some super-quick and ultra-cheap holiday gifts.

Make sachet pouches:
Project Estimate:
Package of tulle circles, $1
Ribbon, on hand or $.50 and up
Various spices, on hand or buy in bulk
Cost: Less than $1 each (the bigger your stash of herbs, spices and beads--the cheaper this project gets!)

By simply adding a small handful of herbs, spices or potpourri to the middle of the circle and pulling up the sides to make a bag, you can create a variety of useful sachets for cooking or home decorating. Sew them closed or just tie tightly with a ribbon. If you intend to cook with them, be sure to take the ribbon off beforehand.
The tulle does not melt when simmered, and you can actually wash them out and re-use them after you're done making your mulled cider or soup stock. The package comes with 15 tulle circles, and you can purchase herbs, spices and potpourri in bulk. So you can make a variety of sachets for just a few dollars. Sweet!

Ways to use sachets:
~*~Fill the bags with whole cloves, nutmeg shavings, dried ginger flakes and broken cinnamon sticks for some yummy mulling spices. Simply add the bag of spices to a pot of apple cider and simmer for five to ten minutes, and voila! Hot mulled cider to warm you on a chilly evening. For a more adult beverage, you can add the spice bag to a pot of red wine, add a generous amount of honey and you've got a delicious hot toddy. Toss a few sachets into a beautiful mug and you've got a great gift for cold weather.
~*~Sew two circles together and fill them with sprigs of basil, oregano, rosemary and other savory herbs for creating soup stock. This would make a lovely hostess gift for Thanksgiving along with a recipe for making soup stock from the leftover turkey bones.
~*~Fill small or large pouches with potpourri (also from the dollar store) for a sweet smelling closet sachet. These make your dresser drawers and linen closets smell wonderful! You can decorate the top of the bags with beads, embroidery floss, paint or glitter glue to make them even more festive.
~*~Fill the bags with candy or other small trinkets and use as stocking stuffers or party favors on your holiday table.

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