Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baking Weekend of DREAMS

The delightful Pioneer Woman has done it again: she is having a getaway weekend giveaway on her blog! This time the winner (and guest) will spend the whole weekend relaxing, making new friends, feeding cows, and... wait for it... BAKING!

Now, I enjoy some time in the kitchen, I really do. I even enjoy making dessert, but "baking" by definition isn't my strong suit. I make cakes from box mixes (which are pretty dang good, thank you very much), and making cookies from scratch is extremely rare, though always worth it.

What I would look forward to most about the baking experience is decorating: I want to learn how to make pretty cookies and fun frosting toppings. I want to focus on DIY gifts this year (and I mentioned in this blog) and many of those ideas will be edible gifts. This weekend would give me a great head start - especially with all of the swag I would be bringing home!!!

Also, I haven't been on a ranch in so very long, and I would love to just see and smell and hear it all. Anyone who has ever stood near a horse and taken a deep breath knows the smell I mean. Yes, there would be unpleasant smells as well, but such is life. Scrape off the boot bottoms and keep walkin'.

If you want to check it out, her blog has all of the details you need.

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