Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about family traditions, specifically holiday traditions. Centsational Girl has a post up this morning that really brought it into the forefront of my mind.

This is mine and Brad's first Christmas in our new house, and only our second as a family, so we do not have a long list of traditions for the holidays. That is something I would like to develop over the years. Often, when people tell me their holiday traditions, they involve their children, so I imagine more will come with time. So far, here is what we have, either individually or as a couple.
**For the past few years (and upon Lauren's suggestion), I have read Lessons For Life, a Christmas-themed Harry Potter fan-fiction.
**I try to watch "The Holiday" and "Love, Actually" every Christmas. Now Brad gets to watch them, too! (Lucky Brad...)
**Morning relaxation. On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a leisurely morning of coffee and snuggling, interspersed with Macy's Day Parade. We look forward to repeating this for Christmas, and for years to come.

We have been slowly acquiring decorations for the season, as our 600 sq ft apartment didnt require much. It is amazing how big this house feels when I'm trying to fill empty walls! I cannot say that, as of yet, putting up decorations is a tradition, but I do hope to follow in the idea that putting up the tree is a day-after-Thanksgiving classic.

Oh, I almost forgot the best one! Every year we find one ornament that represents that year on our tree. Sure, we often get more than one new one a year, but each year must have a representative. I was worried sick last week, as I could not find our sentimental Christmas stuff (embroidered stockings, yearly ornaments, etc). I was SO relievfed to find and empty that box! So far our yearly ornaments consist of:
2007: a white snowflake that says "Our first Christmas", even though we got married four days later.
2008: a gold "Just Married" ornament we bought in Walt Disney World on our fix-it honeymoon.
2009: a red front door that says "First Home" on it.

We are so thankful for friends with good taste, too, as my friend Susan bought us two of those three! We havent been able to find another "First House" ornament, so I am especially thankful for Susan's gift!

I am really looking forward to forming a lifetime of traditions with my family. What things do you treasure year after year?

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