Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot Tea kind of morning

I have already had two cups so far.

I'm feelin' it.

Once it got cold outside, Brad and I bought a box of Tazo Calm. It has some sentimental value for us, because when we first started dating, he would get off of work at 2am, come over to my house, wake me up, and we would watch TV while drinking this tea. We drink it every winter; it is so delicious and relaxing. The main flavors are chamomile and rose petals, but it is the pop of spearmint that draws me to it.

On my way to the ACE Theatre Holiday cabaret on Saturday, I stopped at Starbucks for something warm and yummy. I asked the guy in the drive-thru what he recommended for a hot tea, and he immediately said, "Zen!" It was like a delicious light bulb went off in my head! I hadn't had that blend in SO LONG, and it was exactly right. I enjoyed every savory drop. Again, the spearmint is the appeal, because it leaves my palette feeling refreshed.

At our Christmas gift exchange, I got a variety box of Tazo teas. I was thrilled, not only because I love Tazo tea, but because the green box is super cute. It contains six different flavors (including Calm and Zen), a few of which I have never tasted. So when I grabbed a few random flavors to try this morning, I went for the pretty green bag that I hadn't tasted. In a moment, I am going to go get a big hot mug of Refresh, which - tada! - features spearmint and peppermint! It also has tarragon, which has me curious and nervous, but each day should have some small measure of boldness, right?

I keep looking at the coffee pot and pondering a cup, but today all I want is the sweet, bold infusion of tea leaves, spearmint and joy.

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