Monday, February 9, 2009

Move In Monday

Well, today was the first day in our new office building, and things have been a bit crazy. Bitterness and catty-ness have flourished in the new environment, as can be expected, but the true joy of it is that with these new super close cubicles, I get to hear all of it whispered around me! Blech. I am not getting the brunt of it, or anything, just having to deal with it all. And one girl, who I have never had to deal with before, has managed (twice today) to mess with my stuff and piss me off!

Blessedly, I do not have rehearsal tonight, so I get to relax and go visit with friends. On a vague side note, please pray for me and for my friends; just stress and sickness and whatnot.

Rehearsals are going well. A few of these songs have REALLY COMPLEX harmonies (thanks, Schwartz), but that is the fun part.

Just a random update...feel free to ask questions, or just wait until my next rambling...

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