Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love Brian K. Vaughn (LOST)

SPOILERS for episode "316" of LOST, Season 5:

My first thought, when Jack opened his eyes, was, "OK, so you did not actually skip the most important two day period so far in this story?!"Of course, we had a lovely "46 Hours Earlier", and I knew we were in for quite a story.

Probably my favorite moment was when Hurley was waiting in the terminal reading Y: The Last Man. I literally starting clapping quietly to myself! So I'm guessing, JUST guessing, that Brian K. Vaughn directed this one. Either that, or his buddies are teasing him. But even those Amazons and Ampersand couldn't distract him from protecting a toom full of grumpy strangers. Hurley - instructed by whomever - got on this flight, but bought 78 tickets in order to keep as many other people safe as possible (very unlike Ben, whose reaction to the question of the other passengers, was, "Who cares?").

As soon as Ben left to "hand;e unfinished business", I started whispering, "Oh, if you kill Penny I will find you and murder you slowly." I said it several times under my breath throughout the episode. I said it loudly when we saw him at the marina, covered in blood with a broken arm!

Let's take a moment to address the creepiest thing Kate has E.V.E.R. done. Showing up in Jack's bed, looking dead (oh, only dead inside), obviously she has been crying for a long time. And when Jack asks her where Aaron is, she turns on him demanding that he NEVER ask him that again. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... what?!? I gotta say, Kate, it is a more than valid question! And speaking of baby mommas acting cuh-razy, did Sun forget she has a daughter?

As for 'who told Hurley', well it could be any dead person, couldn't it? Maybe it was Libbey, finally returning his calls. Or Charlie. I miss Charlie.

I TOTALLY called that "316" meant Flight 316 for Ajira Airways. So we know that 'whenever' Sawyer and the group found that boat with the water bottle from Ajira, it was after this moment. I am so intrigued by the whole Ajira Airways concept. If you look closely at their boarding pass, you will notice the same five heiroglyphs that showed up after the countdown in the Hatch! (I will attach pics later, when the web isn't so lame).

What was your favorite part? I'm just glad no one's arm got ripped off - shudder.

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Erin and Nathan said...

I admit, I started out a little grumble-y with Mrs. Hawking talking all her mumbo-jumbo... I can suspend my disbelief, but I thought that meant there wouldn't be any action in this episode. WRONG! I had a ton of favorite parts, but a clear front runnner, hands down, was getting Action!Jack back. I am tired of mopey Jack. I want badass spinal surgeon Jack, and lo, he has returned!

...Also, the "I bet you're laughing your ass off" comment to Locke was pretty amusing.