Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prayer Requests

I just wanted to throw these out into the world, so if you're the praying sort I would appreciate you lifting these up:

*My friend Nicole is due (with her third child, all boys) on March 31st and really wanted to have a home birth, but she has been having spikes in her blood pressure. Her doctor has her on bed rest, and at least once has almost induced. She is being a good sport so far, but she would be disappointed to not have her "ideal birth experience". Please pray for her health and for baby Jude's.

*My sister-in-law Jenny is driving to Houston on Sunday for a wedding shower. Please pray for safe travels.

*Brad's cousin Jessie is pregnant with twins - eek - and her body is having a bit of trouble adjusting. She is on IV fluids right now for dehydration, and she is exhausted (first trimester). Please pray that this pregnancy is as smooth as possible and that she can keep her strength, emotionally and physically.

*Our friend Lauren is getting married TOMORROW!!! We're so thrilled for her and for her wonderful hubby-to-be! Please pray for their marriage, that it be strengthened in God (as I know it will be).

*Lastly, please pray that we have an easy, quick labor, and SOON! I think I finally felt contractions last night, but none today. We shall see, we shall see...

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