Monday, February 7, 2011

Walking the fence between hectic and boring

I'm adjusting well to my new job functions... at least, I think I am. I feel like I'm in limbo right now at work: I'm still sitting with my old group, due to a lack of offices near the new team. This leaves me kind of "without a country". If I have questions, I have to either pick up the phone or walk to the other side of the building. I know, I know, #whitegirlproblems, but I feel strangely isolated. At any given time, my team members could be running around frantically trying to complete a task, but if no one calls me, I won't know. I will be sitting over here twiddling my thumbs in between emails.

If these past few weeks are any indication, this new job will have me walking the fence between hectic and boring at all times. My first week on the job I worked 64 hours and completed a beautiful product on deadline. Whew! Since then, I've been slugging along, hoping I'm not overlooking some huge responsibility because no one showed it to me.

It does give me the opportunity to continue helping my old team on the sly, which is nice (for them). I hated to walk away from it as it reached completion, but one has to go where one is told*. At this point I am just praying for an office to become available: that way I can be in the heart of the team, instead of feeling/looking like an outsider.

Plus, I really want to put up my Doctor Who poster, and the only way I am doing that is on the back of an office door. No shame in my game, but no need to wave my nerd flag quite so high in my corporate office...

*Ah, the drone mindset...

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