Friday, August 13, 2010

Upcoming DIY

I got some wonderful DIY ideas reading my friend Erin's blog, She is in the process of painting a vintage train case. It got me thinking; my mother has an old one in their garage, and it could really use a new coat of paint. Plus some fun additions...

Erin also has a DIY instructional post about making vinyl record bowls. It looks super easy and pretty fun, so I have that on my mental to-do list.

Over lunch, I mentioned to Mom that I want to head to Half Price Books and find some good cheapy records. Long story (kind of) short, I'm getting free records AND the train case from their garage this afternoon! Woohoo! On one hand, I don't want to ruin good records (I know they have The Beatles and some other classics), but if they won't ever play again, it would be nice to make bowls out of records worth remembering. Plus, thanks to the nifty hole in the center, these are really easy to hang from the wall, which is essentially the only space left that is kitten proof.

I talk a big game about Do It Yourself projects, but I rarely complete them unless I have help. Something about ADD... what were we talking about?

Wish me luck on these projects!

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