Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Startling Perspective

I have always told my husband that if we suddenly became stinkin' rich (think lottery), I would be ashamed to wear or drive ridiculously expensive items, even if I would allow myself a few treats occasionally. This article about the wardrobe from Sex and the City 2 explains exactly why I couldn't live with myself, especially as a Christian:

Carrie’s embellished jeans by the Blonds: $4,000
Cost to educate 400 children in Haiti: $4,000
Carries silver-and-gold Chanel lamé dress: $47,190
Cost to donate 3,775 chickens to third world families: $47,190
Samantha’s spiky shoulders by the Blonds: $5,000
Cost to assist 142 sexually exploited women in third world countries: $5,000
Samantha and Miley Cyrus’ Matching Dress by Matthew Williamson: $3500 a piece
Cost to provide job training for 280 women in third world countries: $7,000
Miranda’s Roland Mouret dress: $1400
Cost to provide safety for 700 exploited third-world women: $1400
Reported Cost of the Entire Sex and the City 2 Wardrobe: $10 million
Number of schools you can build in third world countries for $10 million: 1,176

(Prices Provided by New York Magazine)
(Snark and Sorrow Borrowed from Pajiba)

All of those figures, excluding the last one, concern ONE SCENE in the film. $64,590 just for singing karaoke, and the staggering majority of that on one dress.

There are no words...

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