Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know I'm supposed to write about last night's (AMAZING) Lost, but I feel inspired to brag on Glee. I love this show. Really. I don't care about the hevay-handed "after school special" vibe. I go for the wonderful songs and the snappy one-liners. And last night I got a healthy dose of both.

I found on Pajiba a perfect description of why Glee is so fantastic, given by one miss Tammy:
"I truly don't get Glee haters. It's like bitching about ice cream. Sure it has little to no nutritional value - but I don't buy ice cream for its fiber content. I buy it because its delicious and makes me smile. You might be lactose-intolerant, or simply someone who hates joy and puppies, I don't know. But leave this simple pleasure be.
Is Glee groundbreaking? Of course not. But last week gave me an anger-ballet of Total Eclipse of the Heart, and this week gave me a high-school boy singing the hell out of some Mama Rose. It is the perfect cure to my Lumberg-esque work environment - and as I said on my Facebook tonight - I will cut anyone who gets in my way for NPH's appearance next Tuesday."

Beautiful, isn't it?

Also, another commenter (named That Girl...) had news on Finn's friend:
"The guest star on tonight's Glee is a friend of mine-- his name is Zack Weinstein, and he really does have the same type of spinal cord injury as his character. Everyone in my department at school is so thrilled for him-- he graduated last year, moved to LA, and landed a pretty sweet part within the year!"

That guy, while having the majority of the after school special bits (btw, don't try to abbreviate it), was awesome and believable. Plus he wasn't using auto-tune, so I'm impressed.

Plus, you know, everythign from Brandy and Monica to freakin' Gypsy!!!

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