Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-October morning

This morning is not unlike other mornings, or at least it hasnt been so far. I didn't sleep particularly well, but I used my extra time this morning to do some stretching. Now I feel energized, as if I had rested peacefully through the night, instead of kicking and tossing and waking.

I'm sitting at my desk with my yummy cider, and Im trying to make my brain go three different directions. This, unfortunately, is very much like every other morning. I am trying to focus on work, to accomplish the urgent tasks set forth by the foreign overlords. I am also obsessing (as per usual) over our budget; when to pay which bills, how much to save, what events have we got planned, etc. Thirdly, I am plotting, in every imaginable detail, our new home.

Brad and I are buying a house. We are so excited, and often terrified, and I have trouble focusing on much else for long periods of time. I am decorating the living room, or I am shopping for furniture, or I am making a drying rack, or I am arranging closets - all of this in my head. In real life, all I can do is obsess over paper work and schedule, and plan ahead to rental trucks and utilities. Not as much fun, but just as exciting. For me, anyways.

This weekend, weather and wallet permitting, I intend to start on the drying rack. It is a handy little DIY I picked up from Centsational Girl, my fave new blog to follow. I am falling in lurve with so many blogs as of late, mostly involving home decor or event planning (Hostess with the Mostess is like party planning on crack... in a good way...) After the drying rack, I intend to tackle my hideous dining room chairs. Lacy said she would recover them as our wedding present, so I may drag her in to help if she is in town.

All in all, it has been a productive week and an exciting month. We are on pins and needles a bit, thanks to the closing date being pushed to October 30th, but the anitci.............pation is fun as well as frustrating. Wish us all the best, and keep our safety and sanity in your prayers as we move.

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