Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a Loser, and I LOVE it

I have always thought it was strange that I adored music and theatre, but when I tried to combine them, I often fell short. Well, I should say singing and acting together is an odd weakness of mine (for a theatre major who has been singing since birth). The combination of story and song is one of my favorite mediums. I am one of those people that desperately wishes she could live in a world where people randomly burst into song, and everyone around you knew the choreography and the harmony.

And this is why I adore watching Glee.

When you combine a show like this with a person like me, you will often get... unnecessary reactions. Like tears. Now, stop your judgemental smirk; I am just easily moved by the emotions of others. And great singers know how to speak directly to their audience, member by member. So I have now listened to "Keep Holding On" for the third time in a row, and I have been misty eyed every time. Which, by the way, I hate because it is an Avril Lavigne song, and therefore should not affect me on an emotional level. But with this amazing crew of singers, and with the oh-so-visible emotions of the central girl, Quinn (that I cannot help but picture when I hear this), I feel deeply shifted with every play.

I know, I'm a sappy sad-sack. But it gives me such an unshaking feeling of glee (I can't help it), that I don't even care. I won't wipe this smile off for a while.

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