Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I watched this last night with my folks, and I gotta say that I enjoyed myself. But here is the thing: a) it was kind of wicked awesome, but b) it was also kind of tragically bad. Sometimes in the same moments. I enjoyed the music, and goodness knows I loved the snark and the comedic timing. But the cheese was flowing all over it, and when the teacher started to tear up over the vid of himself in showchoir, I rolled my eyes right out of my skull. And the lip-syncing was TRAGIC, where it could have been magic! Ugh, I will continue to watch it, because it makes me laugh and sing along, but so far I would not call it "a good show". We shall see.

Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling!

UPDATE: I can hardly breathe - I can't believe I didnt recognize her! I was just reading Dan Carlson's review of Glee, and he was naming cast members. Apparently, Rachel (the lead diva in the showchoir) is played by Lea Michelle, who played the original Wendla in Spring Awakening!!! Hello, Allison, how did you not recognize those cheekbones?!?

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