Friday, June 24, 2011


I love the feeling of trying a new-to-you TV show, when you can't tell if it is horrible or amazing and you love it either way.

Oh, you don't ever feel that? I feel it all the time. Buffy the Vampire Slayer's comes to mind. It has such a strange vibe, but you listen to hundreds of people laud it so you push through. Suddenly that strange vibe is why you fall in love.

I was Netflix meandering this week, starting with Veronica Mars. Hmm, I wonder what else Jason Dohring ever did. Not much, it seems, but he worked on a show called Moonlight. It is about vampires - surprise - though specifically one who is a private investigator. Oh and he drinks blood from a vial and/or shoots it up like heroin: no people drinking. It isn't available on Instant so I ordered the disc, and last night I watched 2 episodes. It stars Sophia "I used to bang David Tennant" Myles. The story follows Mick St John (horrible name) played by Alex O'Loughlin whose IMDb history is a bit sad considering the *pretty*. And his best/oldest friend, 400-yr old Josef, is played by a blood-drinking version of Logan Echolls.

And I love it. Unashamedly.

There is only one season, so there is no danger of me wasting too much time on it, but I absolutely love it. The plots are predictable, the effects moderate, the use of music somewhat laughable-- but who cares? I wonder how cheap I could find it on Amazon...

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