Sunday, April 17, 2011

Words I Never Thought I'd Hear

This morning I got to church between services for sound check with the praise team. When I got there no one was starting so I sat and started to look at a song our soon-to-be-leaving worship minister had written that week. Before I got one note into it, one of the church elders came and kneeled next to me:

Elder: "Is it awful that for our next music minister, yours is the first name I thought of? Is that just out of place?"
Me: "Out of place, yes, but not awful at all."

We ended up having a fascinating (and flattering) discussion about "the rules" in our church, and which ones we feel could use a good shaping (or tossing). He truly wants to suggest my name when the topic soon arises. He and I both know that it won't work - our church is not near ready for a female worship minister - but just for the mere sake of gauging reactions, I think he really might suggest it.

And I haven't been able to stop thinking of the possibilities.

I had never even thought of something like that, not really. It is something I think I would really love, but growing up in fairly conservative churches of Christ, I knew it "wasn't meant to be". But now that he has planted this seed in my brain I cannot shake it. What if? What if? Could I really stand in front of that church and lead them in worship? Would they follow me? And if I chose to try it, would it be for God's glory or for my own personal social experiment?

We discussed God's gifts, and how we should use what we are given. I told him that I would soon get to use my gift of bluntness for the women's ministry (a sex forum). The idea of getting to use my gift of song in that huge capacity is something that, frankly, I cannot even fathom.

No part of me really expects this to go any further than an idea; not with this church, not right now. But to even hear those words from a leader of our church makes me very curious and optimistic for it's future.

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