Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dylan Love on Letterman!

Some of you may recognize this name from my "Cool Blogs" Archive in the right-hand side bar. Others of you will remember a blog I wrote about him ages ago. And, to be fair, most of you have no idea who he is.

Dylan is a hilarious young man making his way through life, one seriously-random blog at a time. In my previous blog entry, I described him: "Dylan Love, the funniest guy to be on Letterman without being on it." Well, sweet Dylan soon after informed me that he HAD, in fact been on Letterman! Check out his blog where he pieces together his clips. Yes, he is the strange, blond man..... yes, the one meowing..... Trust me: read his blogs, I PROMISE he has charisma! Acting dumb is just one of his many talents...

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